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Lupe [1]

TINS_D and Betzavta Workshops

In addition to the Critical Sustainability Course, we are occasionally offering thematic workshops based on the TINS_D Constellation and/or on the Betzavta Pedagogy of Democracy developed by the Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace, i.e. in

  • February/March 2021 on Politics - What’s the difference between democracy and politics? [2]
  • April/May 2021 on Money - ...makes the world go round! – Can the world not turn by itself? [3]
  • June/July 2021 on Violence - Is it a mere continuation of politics by other means?! [4]
  • January/February 2022 on Dare to Progress - Do you really want a system change? [5]
  • April/May 2022 on Democracy is not Rocket Science. Or Vice Versa. [6]

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