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ENHANCE Berlin - Critical Sustainability Week


25 Jul > 29 Jul 2022

Monday to Friday

On Campus Workshop at TU Berlin

Travel Stipends for Students of ENHANCE Universities


After a semester of digital video conferences the participants of the Critical Sustainability course are prepared to take a step into the real world. They will meet each other for a summer week in Berlin. Building up on the discussions and interventions done in the Critical Sustainability course, the participants will further analyze and democratize existing power relations as well as society-nature relations.

In this Critical Sustainability Week (CritS Week) the participants will explore ways how different initiatives in the fields of science, art, politics etc. are already contributing to a social-ecological transformation of Berlin. In return, the participants themselves will engage in interactive, artistic and group-dynamic formats to jointly analyze their own positions/conditions in society and to reflect on how they want to co-design our societies. This will be the basis for their contribution to a socio-ecological transformation of society through individual and collective action.

The participation in the CritS Week is free of charge. Students at ENHANCE Universities are eligible to apply for a travel stipend of at least 490 Euro.



Hard Facts - CritS Week

Which learning outcomes? - Analyzing and Democratizing the Reciprocal Relations of Technology - Nature - Individuals - Society (TINS-D)

The participants analyze and evaluate in a democratic process the present reciprocal relations of technology, individuals, nature, society and democracy (TINS-D). Based on this analysis and evaluation, they learn to democratize these reciprocal relations.

The participants acquire the competence to unveil the complex interdependency of their social, political, ecological and economic surroundings. This includes the consideration of different values, interests and needs within a global perspective as well as within one class(room). The course design encourages democratic decision-making not only to solve but also to define problems within the course itself and moreover outside of the classroom. In addition, the participants deal with artistic positions and practice artistic actions, for example by doing performances, and integrate these practices in an intervention research project.


When? - 25 July > 29 July - 5 days

The CritS week takes place from Monday, 25 July, to Friday, 29 July 2022. The course hours are every day from 10.00 to 16.00 CET


Where? - at TU Berlin and at many different spots in Berlin

TU Berlin will be the basecamp from where we will explore numerous spots within Berlin so that we get to know first hand how people in science, art, politics etc. are contributing to a social-ecological transformation.


Which language is used? - English

The CritS Week will be conducted in English. Most participants will not be native speakers, so don’t worry.


How is it examined? - No formal examination.

The CritS Week is part of the Critical Sustainability course and in total it is credited with 6 ECTS points.


How much does the CritS Week cost? - It is free of charge.

Nothing. Participation is free for everyone. However, the CritS Week builds up on the discussions and interventions of the digital CritS Course, so that only persons who have successfully completed the CritS Course may participate in the CritS Week.



Travel Stipend - CritS Week

How much is the travel stipend? - 490 Euro

The travel stipend is at least 490 Euro which will be paid out by the international office of your home university. Additional support may be granted if you travel sustainably. The stipend is provided through the Erasmus+ Program.


Who is eligible to apply for a travel stipend? - ENHANCE Universities + Critical Sustainability

Any student who took successfully took part in the Critical Sustainability course and who is a student of an university which takes part in the ENHANCE University Alliance.


Which universities form the ENHANCE University Alliance? - Seven European Universities of Technology

The ENHANCE University Alliance includes seven leading universities of technology from six countries which are shaping the future of Europe and driving transformation in science and society: RWTH Aachen, TU Berlin, Chalmers University of Technology, Politecnico di Milano, NTNU Norwegian University of Technology, Universitat Politècnica de València and Warsaw University of Technology


How many stipends are provided from each university?

  • RWTH Aachen - 5
  • Chalmers University of Technology - 5
  • Politecnico di Milano - 0
  • NTNU Norwegian University of Technology - will be given soon
  • Universitat Politècnica de València - 10
  • Warsaw University of Technology - 10


How to apply for a stipend? - Fill in the Application Form

The application consists of a motivational letter of 300-500 words in which you describe 1) who you are, 2) why you want to participate, 3) if you will be able to participate at all dates of the CritS Week and the corresponding CritS course or which dates you will miss. Please fill in the form at the bottom of the website. Applicants will hear of the results by 01 April 2022 including if they are chosen for the stipend and travel allowance.

What is the deadline for the application? - 30 March 2022



Partner of the CritS Week




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